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90 Day Transformation Pre-Homework Guide

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90 Day Transformation plan is tailored for those who seek a major change or want to achieve their peak performance. Business professionals have reported a positive growth in income and better performance at work.

Please make sure to have completed the Pre-Homework Guide before your Discovery Call. If you already haven't already schedule a time, please do so now. To schedule your DISCOVERY CALL please click HERE.

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5 Pillars Of Success

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This program sets itself apart from anything other fitness program you’ve tried before, click the button below to learn about the journey and the 90 Day Transformation “5 PILLARS TO SUCCESS“.

The 90 Day Transformation uses the 5 Pillars, it's these fundamentals you will find are essential when building a new and sustainable lifestyle. Many people fail due to the lack of creating a  foundation to build on, review the FITNESS VELOCITY slideshow below.




90 Day Transformation

A. On a piece of paper, write down all the things you are grateful for that you have in your life. This is a critical step for your success, take your time.

B. Now make a second list of what changes you'd like to make and areas that you are lacking success. Prioritize your items when list is complete.

C. Now on a seperate piece of paper write down where you see yourself in 6 months if you don't do something about your health/fitness goals.

Note: Every great achievement has ALL started with a single thought.


90 Day Transformation

A. On a piece of paper, write down goals you'd like to achieve in 3, 6 and 9 months. Be detailed in your descriptions, the more details the better chance of it becoming reality.

B. Now on a second piece of paper, write down what life looks like if you don't achieve your goals. What long term effects would this have on your life, work, family and relationships.

NOTE: This simple exercise will help you become more aware of what it is you want, the hurdles you currently see and helps your coach determine a plan of action.

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90 Day Transformation

A. Once you have gathered all your information and wrote down all your Pre-Homework Guide answers, hold on to them until your meeting with Todd.

B. Make sure to do all your Pre-Homework tasks in a quiet room with no distractions, this will give you a chance to really think about your life goals.

NOTE: Some of you may have had a Discovery Call already, if this is the first time filling out the Pre-Homework Guide, please schedule a Discovery Call with Todd. Just click the button below!