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Todd Coburn has been teaching boxing lessons and coaching for over 18+ years and started out of Kronk Gym in Detroit Michigan. He has trained beginner athletes, to professional boxers and MMA fighters. Learning how to defend yourself and gain confidence.

Boxing is beneficial on so many levels, better cardio, improved reaction time, leaner body mass and crazy endurance. Boxing and kickboxing can be integrated with your personal training experience for an added cardio blast that will help your body get ripped and take your cardio to a new level. 

help shape



Kickboxing lessons will build that lean, athletic look many us are going for aesthetically. For those on a weight loss plan, boxing will spike your cardio and heart rate. This in turn "shocks" the body and demands change.

Get in the best shape of you life, or train to be a professional fighter - strap those gloves on and let's get it. Availability is always LIMITED but not impossible to get on the schedule, setup a "Discovery Call" and to talk to Todd. Ready to start training? Click on the button below.



Todd Coburn trained under George Pogacic for 5 years with Russian Systema in Detroit Michigan. Todd is a USMC Gulf War Combat Veteran. This is not a sport, this is a military combat martial-art that is easy to learn  and something you'll want to master.

Perfect for: Military, Police, DEA, FBI, Security Officers and anyone wanting to learn one of the most effective martial arts for real life situations.

Russian Systema was used for hundreds of years, and used by the KGB. Increase striking power, remove fear from your mind and body, use your opponent's energy against them and be able to defend yourself in any situation, including multiple attackers and weapons (guns, knives, etc.)



Throughout the history of this huge country, Russia had to repel invaders from the north, south, east, and west. All attackers brought their distinct styles of combat and weaponry. The battles took place on different terrain, during freezing winters and sweltering summer heat alike, with the Russians often greatly outnumbered by the enemy forces.

 As a result of these factors, the Russian warriors acquired a style that combined strong spirit with extremely innovative and versatile tactics that were at the same time practical, deadly, and effective against any type of enemy under any circumstances.

The style was natural and free while having no strict rules, rigid structure or limitations (except for moral ones). All tactics were based on instinctive reactions, individual strengths and characteristics, specifically designed for fast learning.