20 Russian Systema Self-Defense


This package is for 20 Russian Systema Self-Defense with Coach Todd.

Questions?? Please call Todd at: +1 (619) 678-2052


This package is for 20 Russian Systema Self-Defense with Coach Todd. Todd is a San Diego Russian Systema Master and trained with George Pogacich. He teaches authentic Systema, in all aspects and all situations. Weapons training for guns, knives, sticks and choke holds will be introduced so you’re comfortable defending from real life attacks.

The martial art is extremely fluent, free of tension and the strikes are incredibly painful if you don’t know how to defend and absorb the strikes. Beginners are welcome and the progression of training will depend on the progress the student makes. Anyone can learn “The System” and everyone has a good time while we practice many exercises most people have never done or seen.

If you’re looking for something that’s “usable” on the streets, this is a great art to practice. This is not a sport and can’t be utilized in a UFC ring, mainly because Systema would break many of the “rules” in sport related fights. This unique training style will strengthen every part of your body, increase power in your strikes, heighten hand eye coordination, focuses on movement and breathing techniques.

Local services are within San Diego County and are offered at the following locations: Mission Bay/Beach, Sorrento Valley, Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Ocean Beach, Bay Ho, Clairmont and In-Home services available.

Make sure to check out our Google reviews below, our clients love their results and always come back for more. Spaces are LIMITED, so sign up today!

Services: Personal & Group Training, Bodybuilding, Online Coaching, Meal Plans, Weight Loss, Boxing, Self-Defense, 90 Day Transformation.

Questions?? Please call Todd at: +1 (619) 678-2052

Questions?? Please call Todd at: +1 (619) 678-2052


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