90 Days Of Action Weight Training


90 Days Of Action Weight Training by San Diego Fit. Each workout is comprised of machines, weights, core and whole-body exercises. So, each week you’ll have covered the entire body are with an emphasis on legs twice a week. Many of these exercises will be new to you, so If you need help with them, please contact Todd to answer your questions through the mobile app once you’ve downloaded it and signed up.


90 Days Of Action Weight Training


Build muscle and sculpt your body with our 90 Days Of Action Weight Training

FOR MEN AND WOMEN: Push your personal limits and begin building your dream physique in 90 days by learning how to properly challenge your body during weight training. The 90-Day Weight Training Plan is a customizable to your exact needs. This program makes nutrition simple, with easy-to-understand week-by-week guides that explain carb timing, appropriate protein intake, and food choices to build lean muscle mass.

Start by setting up your lifestyle structure and learning important fundamentals of weight training, as you discover the best moves to create a balanced, symmetrical physique. Then, design a complete, detailed nutrition plan, complete with training fundamentals and tips on achieving the intensity and skill you need to promote change in your body.

The 90-Day Weight Training Plan includes (includes our convenient mobile app):

  • Professional advice—The author, Coach Todd Coburn, 20 years experience in transforming bodies, graduating B.S. Natural Health and Exercise Science.
  • Perfect form instruction—Informative videos that will guide you safely through each exercise.
  • Efficient training—Discover the theory of practicing the least number of exercises for the greatest impact.

Use The 90-Day Weight Training Plan to set nutritional goals, track progress, and build your perfect body.


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